Turquoise frame, red wheel rims single speed bike

Stolen from outside my apartment on the corner of 20th street and Ave C in Manhattan sometime between 6pm and 1am on Friday night (15th August).

Brown faux leather saddle, white and blue hand grips – which were deteriorating slightly, and blue metallic bell.

Only had it for 3 months so pretty gutted and would love to track it down.

Thieves cut through a kryptonite lock and cable so were pretty determined. :(

Any leads appreciated. You can get my at julie.allen.mobile (at) gmail.com


Red Univega Rover from Upper West Side

Hi – I parked my bike today right outside the Intrepid Museum on the west side of Manhattan this morning for a couple of minutes only to discover it was stolen (along with the lock). Any help finding it would be SO appreciated!


Montague Paratrooper Pro | Brown | Food Emporium 89/90st Broadway

Folding Hard Tail Mountain Bike. Very distinctive looking crossbar.



Magna Women’s Great Divide, Silver, from 96th & 2nd Ave

1.5 months old, in great shape. Women’s 26", 21 speed, Shimano shifter, kickstand. Bluish-silver body and white fork. Missing seat.

Locked on the bike rack outside the RiteAid at 96th & 2nd Ave with a Master Lock cable lock. I took the seat/post with me when I locked it, so it is missing the seat- must have been rolled away, or ridden away without sitting.

Thank you! (And, if anyone needs a seat/post, I now have an extra one…)

Raleigh Grand Prix, Green, from South 1st St in Williamsburg

this is the only picture, unfortunately.

Raleigh Grand Prix, Green, from South 1st St in Williamsburg

Green Raleigh Grand Prix, pink seat, no grip tape on drop handlebars. Used, guessing from 1980s. No chain guard, no fenders. Gear shifter on stem of handlebars. Chain was very much not new, right brake was crooked on the handlebars.

It was stolen from in front of my place in Williamsburg, southside, between 9am and 11am on a Thursday. It had been locked to a fence/gate around a tree with a kryptonite chain.

I can be contacted at Claudia.gerbracht@gmail.com with any information. Thanks!!

Black BSA Men’s 3 Speed, 30th Street near 5th Ave in Manhattan

Vintage Men’s Black BSA with basket bracket in the front, rack in the back, and Brooks Saddle (different than the saddle in the photo.) Brand new chain, no chain guard, and plastic fenders. Also the gear shifter is mounted to the stem of the handlebars.
email: abc13 (at) mindspring.com with any info.