stolen specialized vita 2012


I purchased a new bike from bicycle habitat in Soho on 7/22. (so it’s brand new!)

Someone broke into my home on Friday night 7/29 in dyker heights in Brooklyn. One of the items they stole is my specialized vita step thru 2012 (size M, black/pink/white). My front break was broke- so maybe they will bring it into your store to fix before selling it.

The detectives are currently investigating, but I figured I could just get the word out to the bike community (worth a try!)

Picture attached:
specialized vita step thru 2012
color- black/pink/white
Serial # WSBC602053981G

accessories on it: orange kryptonite mini U lock and small back pouch (under seat)

If you come across it- please let me know and I will pass it on to the detectives.

Thank you for your help!


2 responses to “stolen specialized vita 2012

  1. I recently ordered the male version of your bike, on-line. I got it for my girl because it’s short and fast like her. But she’s pregnant now and won even look at it. Would u be I interested in a new bike

  2. omg I’m sooo sorry, hoping you got it back, found this link on Google since I wanted to purchase this one for my wife.

    Good luck and keep on bikin!