Mercier Kilo OS, black stolen from Vanderbilt & Pacific

Last seen on Vanderbilt and Pacific on the evening of August 8th. She was locked up (with two locks!). Somebody cut the locks and stole her.

Please keep an eye out for her. Ive been checking craigslist and notified the local shops in case someone tries to sell her.

She has a double top bar (rare) and so she’s easy to spot. Fixed gear. Red Velocity wheels. Hybrid on road/off road tires. Dropped track bars with front and back brakes.

If spotted, please notify Ian @ 571-246-4225.



One response to “Mercier Kilo OS, black stolen from Vanderbilt & Pacific

  1. Judging from the pic posted, this is a good example of an incorrectly locked bike. While it appears the person was trying to be careful by having two locks and locking the frame, and both wheels, close inspection reveals that the rear lock is NOT locked to the bike rack. So, in effect they only had one lock, and a small cable lock at that. The kryptonite lock itself is too small to go around the frame, the rear wheel AND the bike rack; so in trying to save money and/or save weight, they lost their bike. All a thief would need to do is cut the cable, and wheel the bike off. They can then remove the kryptonite lock at their leisure.