How was it locked?

Many of you have written to request that we start asking posts to include how the bike was locked.

Great idea, thank you. We hope to include that info moving forward.

A few tips for bike locking:

  • lock all removable parts. This includes both wheels and your seat post. Lock your seat to your bike frame (ask your local shop for help if you’re unsure how to do so.)
  • your rear wheel is more expensive to replace than your front. So, be sure to lock the rear wheel most securely.
  • don’t lock to scaffolding. With the touch of a wrench, a thief can undo the scaffolding bars – and take off with your bike.
  • a thin cable lock is quickly broken. Thin cable locks can be cut with clippers. They are fine for a deterrent, but if you are locking your bike outside, invest in a stronger lock. A good lock costs at least $80. Replacing your bike will cost at least $150 on Craigslist.
  • lock properly. Lock your bike to something immobile (a sign, not  a tree) and be attentive to your environment. Here are a few tips from Hal Ruzal, NYC’s most well-known bike locking expert: Streetsblog.

The NYPD is offering us more tips about registration and deterring theft. We’ll keep you updated.

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