Public V7, GREEN, Driggs and N.7th


Last week my bike was stolen in broad daylight from Driggs and North 7th, where it was locked to a scaffolding between 10am and 8:00pm. My bike had literally come in the mail the day before; I rode it twice before it was stolen.

An older woman told me that there is a sting operation at Driggs and N 7th, where a man unscrews the scaffolding bars, slides the bikes off, and then puts the bars back up so that he can do it all again the next time there are bikes worth stealing. The scaffolding has been there since at least 2006.

My bike was mailed from California and I have only seen one other Public bike in NYC; it’s very distinctive.

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One response to “Public V7, GREEN, Driggs and N.7th

  1. Hi Chloe,

    I was looking to buy a bike on Craigslist and saw a green Public v7 for sale. It has a different grip, bell and front rack, but someone could easily have put that on your stolen bike. The seller says it’s a month old, and in perfect condition. I’m not saying it’s your bike, but if you have any way of identifying yours, it may be worth a look. If it’s not yours, let me know as i was interested in checking it out. I just didn’t want the bad karma of possibly buying a stolen bike.