Cannondale bad boy solo 53rd between 5th and 6th

I purchased this bike just under a month ago it is a medium frame and has a lefty fork, there is a scrape on the lefty fork that removed almost all of the 3m reflective lettering that once read SOLO. I removed all other stickers and reflectors from the bike and wheels the bike also has disc breaks.
I left the bike locked on a tree that has a steel cage around it using a masterlock
Cable chain. the bike was directly in front of the entrance of the museum of modern art while I went in I don’t know how the security guard didn’t see anything! It was stolen sometime between 2:22 and 3:55 broad daylight busy museum entrance Sent from my iPhone


One response to “Cannondale bad boy solo 53rd between 5th and 6th

  1. My boyfriend’s Cannondale just got stolen in the same place! They should put warnings up about this. Would you be interested in planting a trap to find the guy who must do this daily?