Cannondale, Purple, 53rd between 5th & 6th in front of MoMA

description: it’s purple. the model number is M300se, but it has been modified so many times the only things that are still original to it from when i purchased it way back in the early 90’s is the frame, the seat post, the handle bar and bar ends. everything else has been replaced at least twice and in some cases, many more times than that. numerous scratches from a life lived. lots of stickers… a Parks Tools sticker down near the cranks… an Apple Computer apple logo (white)… on the front is the sticker "this bike climbed"… a static warning sticker i got off some sensitive electronics and thought would be cool to put on there also.
what makes this bike unique is it has canti-bosses for the brakes… the rear has a special modification called Brake Therapy that converts my canti-bosses into a disk brake… it really kicks ass. the front has a regular cantilever brake and rock shox indy C shocks. the front rim is a Mavic… the rear rim is a Bountrager. it has a purple seat stem and a Bountrager racing saddle. the handlebars have purple bar ends and push-button shifters. high-end Shimano components.

here are some photos, the last one being the spot from where it was stolen. i removed the front wheel and locked the bike with a Kryptonite cable right in front of the Museum of Modern Art in downtown NYC… there is a surveillance camera and a guard standing nearby! the thief swiped it between 3:30pm and 5pm. in broad f-BLEEP-ing daylight!!

i have had this bicycle for many years, so it carries with it not just a dollar value for the investment, but a much more irreplaceable sentimental value no loser thief would understand. i totally want to carve my name on his back with a rusty blade! oh, and i want my bike back too!!

here are some images:


4 responses to “Cannondale, Purple, 53rd between 5th & 6th in front of MoMA

  1. thank you for posting this SO fast!

  2. and the kicker, when i told the cops.. the cop said, with a smirk on his stupid face: it could’ve been worse! wow! thanks for lifting my spirits! did you learn that in cop psychology 1-oh-1? what a lamer!!

  3. i received an update from this website about a bicycle being recovered! congratulations! i on the other hand didn’t wait… i purchased a new(er) cannondale… a CAAD9 cyclocross. thanks to everybody involved with this website, your service is invaluable.