Stolen box bike

SUBJECT LINE: (Double Dutch brand family-style box bike: 3 wheels) (Brown box, blue bike) stolen from (park slope, Brooklyn on the corner of 3rd st. and 5th ave.)

BODY OF EMAIL: This is a really big box bike. The rider is seated in the back and four children ride in the box in the front. We used this bike to commute the two miles to school and back. So, we kept a specific schedule. Whoever stole the bike took it in the night between November 23 at 10:30pm and November 24 (thanksgiving!!!) at 9am. The bike was well secured with a heavy kryptonite-like heavy chain. It was even tarp covered to protect from the rain. Whoever took it had to have at least 4 ft. bolt cutters, but even with that it would have been a hard job. It seems pretty calculated. We’ve attached a flyer we made to help get the word out. Thanks!!



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