(Cannondale 2009 Synapse 7 Male) (Black) from (Outside BAM)

Locked with another bike through 2 cable locks to the bike rack outside BAM rose cinema. Gone after the movie around 9:30 pm on dec 2nd.

If you happen to see it, call me please. Cash reward to express my gratitude.
Really really sad to lose my bike. Whoever took the bike, I know you need money, I can help you to pay your rent or buy your food for the winter. But I really need THE bike. This bike means a lot to me. Please call me. No question will be asked. THANK YOU!

209 676 5377


One response to “(Cannondale 2009 Synapse 7 Male) (Black) from (Outside BAM)

  1. Wow, you’re a much nicer person than I am and hats off to you for it. I actually prayed to G-d for a meteor to strike the thief who stole my cannondale (and I’m still hoping for it to happen!)..