Bike recovered!!! Thank you for helping!!

RECOVERED FAMILY BOX BIKE (Family in Park Slope/ Bike recovered in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn)


After sending emails and posting flyers that were kindly reposted on blogs and websites all over the city, last friday evening, we got a call from a glorious fellow Brooklyn Biker saying that he found our bike! Sure enough, it was ours, and after a little red tape, we got it back.

We just wanted to send out a thank you email, expressing our gratitude for your help, support, and prayers. We’ve learned so much about the strength of our Brooklyn community! We feel so very blessed to be supported by such a community.

In this process, we’ve also learned a couple things that might be helpful to pass along to fellow bikers:

The NYPD has a free etching program to help prevent this sort of thing. Just take your bike to the precinct and they will etch a number on it. Then if the bike ever comes up for sale, or if it’s found locked to something, the NYPD will be able to access that number and turn it over to you (and help you cut the locks!)

We’ve also done a ton of research about bike locks, and now use an arsenal of locks to at least make the job a little harder for the next thief. Lock with more than one style of lock too, that makes a great difference.

Again, we extend our gratitude for all that you’ve done to help. Thank you, thank you!


Amy and the whole happy box bike family

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