Specialized Sirrus Gray from bike rack outside Brooklyn Academy of Music

My bike has a white basket on the front.

I have hybrid pedals that you can use clip on shoes on one side and not on the other.

The seat is locked with one of those special locks with a serial number key to open it because I had my seat stolen before. So whoever stole it probably won’t be able to change the seat.

I had a heavy duty chain lock and the whole thing was stolen with nothing left over so they must have clipped the whole thing.

It was stolen on Jan 15th between 3:45 and 5 pm right in front of BAM on the racks to the left of the entrance.

This is a photo of the bike in general that I got on the internet but not my specific one.

My phone number is: 917 428 7828

Thanks for your help.

Holly Greenfield

Holly Greenfield


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