Dahon Speed D7 Denim/Blue stolen from Greene Street betw Spring and Broome

My beloved folding Dahon Speed D7 folding bike was stolen yesterday (Monday, Jan. 30, 2012) at approximately 1pm, in SoHo on Greene Street between Spring and Broome.
It was locked to a parking sign (not folded, just locked) in the middle of the block on the west side of the street (across the street and down a bit from the temporary Apple store, where I was at the time). A witness inside a storefront window office saw a 30 something male walk up to my bike with another one (so the witness thought he was trying to lock his own bike, but apparently the guy was in the process of stealing multiple bikes). He cut the lock without anyone noticing, despite the fact that it was the middle of a sunny day, so I guess he knew what he was doing.
The bike is pretty standard of the Dahon and in good condition (it’s about 3 years old). It has a silver and black bell on the left handlebar, and a red light attached to the seat stem.
I am attaching here a picture from the web of the model. The only difference is that I didn’t have the rear rack bungee cords attached, as I was using my saddlebag.

Any information, I would so appreciate getting my bike back. Contact: Janet at 917-957-1800.

thank you so much.

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