(Mercier Kilo TT) (Gray) from Williamsburg (N. 5th at Bedford)

Hey guys. Thanks for this site!!
Here’s all the info I can think of:
My gray (unpainted, just a clear coat over steel) 57cm (c-c) Mercier Kilo TT Stripper was stolen on Sunday morning, May 27, between 1AM and 10AM. It was locked in the last (eastern-most) spot, directly in front of the door to 132 N. 5th. There was a Kryptonite U-lock through the back wheel and seat tube, and also a Krypto cable running from that through the front wheel and frame. I parked it next to an old, light blue Schwinn that was laying on its side (I stood it up). When I came out in the morning a young lady was unlocking the Schwinn and there wasn’t a trace of my bike, no lock, nothing.
My bike had no decals whatsoever and was essentially stock – the saddle says ‘Kilo TT’ and that’s it. The tires are standard Kendas. I was using a freewheel but the rear hub does have a fixed flip-flop option. The rear tire’s air valve cap was red.
Please call (812)431-7106 or email paul.b.corning@gmail.com with any information – thank you so much. This was my first bike, I put it together myself.


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