Eighthinch Scrambler, White from Bushwick (Jefferson between Wilson and Central)

Stolen really late Monday 6/11 or early Tuesday 6/12 in Bushwick on Jefferson between Wilson and Central. It was locked inside a gate with a chain, wedged in between a hand rail and the fence. It would take a bit to finagle out and they had to have cut the chain.

It’s a white 52cm Eighthinch Scrambler frame and fork with copper Eighthinch Julian wheels. It had 700×28 tires. Gold Volume BMX style bars with brown Oury grips attached to a brown BMX stem. White Sugino Messenger cranks and I believe it was a 44t front chain ring and 19t back cog. Black pedals and white home made foot straps. brown/copper chain. There was a stick on the down tube that said Heavy Pedal as well as a Chrome sticker and a white Apple sticker on the seat tube. On the back of the seat post was the Scrambler badge. Beaten up brown velo saddle.

The back left drop-out has also been re-welded. and was left raw as well.

If you see it, please let me know! It’s definitely not like very many bikes I’ve seen around the east coast. Built it up in Phoenix and LA before moving out here over a year ago.

Thanks for your help!



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