2010 Specialized Roubaix Elite, White from Williamsburg

My road bike was stolen from Williamsburg at Bedford and North 7th, across from Konditori. It was locked to another bike of mine (that my friend was borrowing), both of which were locked to poles attached to construction scaffolding. The thief cut the bike cable and stole only the Roubaix :-/. I left it there around 1:30 PM on 9/2/2012, and found it was stolen at 4:30 PM the same day.

The bike is a stock white 2010 Specialized Roubaix Elite (shown in the picture, as I don’t have a picture of my own bike). It’s been under heavy use since I got it two years ago, so the bottom of the frame has black/brown streaks running across it. The pedals are hybrid clip-in/flat pedals, and it has two black plastic bottle cages on the frame.

Offering a reward of $200 to find this bike! Please contact me at voberoi AT gmail if you have any information.



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