2010 Fuji Classic Track, All Black, Stolen from Bleecker and Bowery

photos attached!

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 1:25 PM, EJ Wolborsky <e.j.wolborsky> wrote:

Hey there,

My bike — an all-black 2010 Fuji Classic Track with ZAC1800 wheels, Vittoria Zaffiro tires, and bullhorn bars with black Fizik grips — was stolen last night around midnight from just outside VON Bar on Bleecker St. (near Bowery).

I used a Kryptonite U-Lock (the big kind) to secure it. My idiotic downfall was that I locked it to one of those short, thick poles they put on the sidewalk next to fire hydrants and trees and other fixtures. I interlocked the front wheel, frame, and post in a way I thought would be thief-proof; and I kept an eye on it while I was inside the bar, about 25 feet away from where I locked it. But according to a cabbie who was parked outside, during a 15-minute period when i was in the back of the bar, two guys on bikes rolled through and wrestled the whole thing off the pole, lock and all, and rode away with it toward Houston St.

The frame is pretty standard, but the black spokes, toe clips, black rims, and distinctive grips should make it stand out pretty well. If you see anyone riding it, or see it parked anywhere, please PLEASE let me know by tweeting me @dirtyejw or emailing e.j.wolborsky AT gmail.

Thank you!!


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