54″ Cannondale Men’s Road bike, Bright Blue Frame, stolen from Park Slope

Hello! Thank you for posting my notification on the BikewatchNYC blog. I have since uncovered it’s registration information… there is an orange registration sticker on the bottom of the frame, from when (my husband) had it at Penn State. Here is the bike’s registration information:

Name: Adam Longenbach

Permit # P09 4321 CR (Centre Region registration)

Manufacturer: Cannondale

Model: 1988

Serial #- 56052987020

Type: Road Bike

Primary Color: Blue

Secondary Color: Black

Other Notes: which text, black seat/handles, suicide shifters

Could you please update the blog post, or let me know if i can do this myself. I don’t have a wordpress account… does that matter?

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On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 7:17 PM, ashley bryan <ashleyrosebryan> wrote:


My bike was stolen last night (I just noticed now), from outside my apartment at 856 President Street, in Park Slope North.

Here is a detailed description, a picture is attached.

54" men’s Cannondale road bike. Suicide shifters. Black taped, ram’s head handlebars with pieces of rainbow striped tape near the brake cables. Black mud flap on the back. Under the bright blue frame near the middle is a rectangular orange registration sticker from when i had it at Penn State Univ. All parts are Shimano.

The bike was locked to a pole on my street, just for the 2 nights while we had guests in our apartment. The parking sign at the top of the pole was removed and they must have slid my bike off. It was locked with a Kryptonite bar lock AND a combination cable lock.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This bike has been with me for years.


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