Giant Cypress, blue and silver, stolen from East 9th Street, betw. Ave. C and D, East Village

Giant Cypress 24-speed hybrid with custom banana kid seat that George from The HUB installed. Just got it 3 weeks ago! Left it locked to the fence at 725 East 9th Street between
Avneues C and D in East Village for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon, 4/30, and now it’s gone. This is the second bike with childseat that I’ve had stolen on my block since Feb.
Here is a photo of the bike with my son and his friend sitting on the back. You can’t see the childseat, but it’s a silver banana seat with black foot pegs, and black spoke guards.
If anyone in NYC spots it, msg me–or call: 212-505-3246.

Feel free to repost!
Reward for return, no questions asked!

It’s just wrong to steal a bike with kid seat, wrong wrong wrong! My son is so sad.

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