STOLEN Blue Road Bike non-branded on East 4th Street/Ave C on Saturday, July 13 at 11am – Reward $100

My beloved road bike was stolen from inside the gates in front of our house on East 4th Street and Avenue C in the East Village/Alphabet City today on Saturday, July 13th, between 11:10 and 11:15am.

It is a very simple and light-weight road bike with no branding. It is BLUE and has black new handlebar tape and small black handlebar brakes. The tires are light and thin. The saddle is completely simple and black with a few marks.

There is a white bottle holder and a U-Lock (which would likely be broken since that’s what I locked it with.)
The bike has a bunch of scratch marks but is otherwise in good condition.

I am absolutely committed to getting it back since while not having much financial value, it is of huge emotional value to me. I brought it with me from Australia. Please help me get it back — the reward is $100 for any hints.
Please email me if you see it turn up anywhere.



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