purple mountain bike from East Village/Stuyvesant

I bought a purple mountain bike not too long ago off Craigslist (maybe 2 weeks). There is no brand name or make/model on the bike. There are no letters or words on the bike. It is unique in that it is bright purple all over with 26" wheels. I had it chained to a pole on 20th street and first near apartment building nuber 624. I love this bike and I desperately need it back to ride to school. Please, please if you have seen it or know who stole it please contact me at angiekang1990.

Thank you so much.

Attached is a picture of what the bike kind of looks like, but again, there are no words on the bike; it is purple all over with a black seat and black 26" wheels.


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  1. any other info, what kind of chain, lock, any other noticeable extras
    on the bike…???