Fairdale Weekender – Black – Smith & 9th St station/bodega

My bike was nabbed Friday evening from a bodega at SMith & 9th. I let my guard down like an idiot and used the ATM inside the door, propping my bike on the glass outside.

It is a black Fairdale Weekender. I’ve attached a recent photo. It was stolen with a pannier on it, and an old phone that tracked it to the projects at Linden Blvd & Barbey in east new york.

i staked it out the next day for a bit, but did not see it. my phone was worthless as it was, and died. that was the last known location and where i assume the bike ended up.


One response to “Fairdale Weekender – Black – Smith & 9th St station/bodega

  1. Dashiell Eaves

    So sorry about your Weekender. I ride one too so this hurts my heart! Any sign of it?