Yellow Bianchi Cortina from St. Mark’s @ Nostrand

My yellow bianchi cortina was stolen from in front of my building on St Marks b/w Nostrand and New York in Crown Heights at 3:30am on 9/25/13. It has a black seat (different seat than the one in the picture. I’ve already had this bike stolen once. I got it back after spotting it on the street, but had to replace the seat) and a black rack and side basket. And a sticker from Excelsior with a Brooklyn Bridge graphic.

I locked my bike with a kryptonite u-lock at 4pm to an iron gate in front of my building, intending to go back out that evening, but then fell asleep and forgot to bring my bike in. The crime was caught on a security camera, but you can’t see the thief’s face. He is a black male in a gray hooded sweatshirt. He tries to saw the gate for about 7 minutes before leaving, then coming back with a large hacksaw, which he successfully saws through the iron gate with, taking the bike and the lock. The whole thing takes a little more than 15 minutes.

I am happy to offer a reward of $100 to anyone who can find it. And I will also be looking out for all of your bikes! I put signs up in my neighborhood and I have had people call me offering to sell me other bikes. I’m asking them to send me pics of those bikes and then will be looking through bikewatchnyc. Hopefully I will spot one of the bikes on there!

For a little inspiration, this bike was stolen before and I got back after spotting on the street BECAUSE I HAD THE SERIAL NUMBER. Please make sure to get the serial number off your bike! It made a world of difference in a tense negotiation for me!

If you have any leads email me at jillianbuckley. Thanks!



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