2009 SE Lager (single speed, 52cm) White stolen from Cortlandt street (Financial district) 10.22.13

White single speed bike, covered in dings and stickers. Original seat with white and grey lightning bolt still on the bike, but heavily frayed. Handlebars replaced with cruiser-style sweepback bars. Monkeylights installed on both wheels (32 LED on front wheel; 10 LED on the back).

Locked to a parking sign on the south side of Courtlandt at Broadway, with an off-brand kryptonite chain and U-lock.

Side-shot picture is older–no longer has a basket or bullhorn handlebars. Front, night shot shows current handle bars.

Responds to "Falcor;" very good listener; reward offered. Please contact Alexandra at 917.538.5027 with any information.

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