Stolen Bike


I had my bike stolen yesterday (11-1-13) from Boerum Place and Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY. I’ve owned the bike since 92. Recently put new wheels (Mavic Crossrides) and tires (Ricthy 1×26) and had it overhauled. The frame is a Nishiki Ariel. I’ve never seen another in NYC, so good chances if anyone spots one, it’s mine.

It has several worn reflective decals on it, paint job is a little worn, Nishiki logo is in bright flourescent green.

Most distinctive feature are the raised chainstays.

Here’s a more detailed description:

Frame: Nishiki Ariel 92
Paint: Fatigue green w/ bright green Nishiki Logo
Wheels: New Mavic Crossrides
Tires: New Ricthey 26×1 tires
Seat: Specialized
Lights: Bell on the front, Red Blinkie in the rear
Pedals: black with cages dented up
Seat Post: formerly black, but all the paint has been worn off
Handlebars: Straight cross bar

This bike has been customized from MTB to street use.

Timothy Naylor

St Marks Pictures LLC
49 St Marks Place
Brooklyn, NY, 11217

917 674-7861


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