S.E. Lager Tan from Greenpoint

Hi Courtney & Lara,

On Mon. Nov. 18th my bike was stolen from 411 Graham Ave. (Greenpoint, BK) between 3:45 & 6:45pm by someone with an angle grinder (they sawed my krytp mini u-lock right in two). It has upright / cruiser bars, black oury grips, and 700cm wheels with black rims. (Bike itself is a size 49cm.)

Thanks a lot!

Leigh Metzler



2 responses to “S.E. Lager Tan from Greenpoint

  1. My bike stolen same night same hood! Devastating! I actually caught them riding away with my bike :(. I’m also looking for my SE, black single speed with lots of stickers!

  2. Today at the same intersection near where it was stolen there were weird clusters of 5-6 beat-up mountain bikes all locked together with one big chain. Was wondering if someone had stolen these and locked them together until they could come back with a truck.