Diamondback Outlook, Black, Greenpoint BK (Oak St.)

It’s a weird little Frankenstein bike: a black Diamondback Outlook (mountain bike) with a nice Schwinn saddle bike seat and a wire basket in the front.

Here is what the frame looks like (this is not the actual bike):

It was stolen from a concealed hallway that runs alongside my apartment building. The bike itself was unlocked, but kept behind a locked door, to which only my brother and I have keys.

There is probably still scotch tape on the bike seat from when someone left me a note.

I had it registered, and there should be a serial number etched into the bottom bar of the frame.

The thing doesn’t even ride very well, but it was all I had to get around. I can’t imagine why someone would want to steal it.

If found please e-mail Sleepswithsockson@yahoo.com


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