Gitane Pista – Light Blue – From Greenpoint (Guernsey & Meserole)

Wow, thank you for getting it up so fast!

Looks like I forgot to attach the photo (not actual bike, but the same exact frame)

On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 3:17 PM, Timothy Cleary <timothy.t.cleary> wrote:

Stolen from Greenpoint.

Royal Blue Grip Tape
White Brake Line Piping
Silver Cup Holder installed on Handle Bars
Original Campanoglo 10-Speed Gear
60cm frame

If by some stroke of luck someone spots it, please write to timothy dot t dot cleary at gmail dot com. Offering a $200 reward, no questions asked. This has been my trusty bike for nearly a decade and has survived 7 years in NY already, really hoping it turns up.

Thank you for this site and to everyone keeping their eyes open!


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