Teal Trek 560 Road Bike – Williamsburg, Brooklyn


I had my Trek road bike stolen in the early morning hours of Wed, June 25th from inside my apartment building on N8th Street in Williamsburg, BK. Intruder came in and took the unlocked bike from the top floor hallway of a small building and left other bikes behind.

Thief left a white Raleigh leaned outside apartment building, which could have also been stolen.


– Small 49/50 frame

– Teal

– Trek 560, 1980s

– White seat, with blue tinges

– Upright handlebars with black grips

– Small knicks and paint chips on the frame

– Looks like the bike in the photo, except I have a white seat and upright handlebars)

Will offer reward for return. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Please contact margaretr788(at)gmail.com

– M

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