Single Speed “Overthrow” Sole Bike (Black with 2 White Stripes) from 33rd St and Parc Ave

Hi! I just got my bike stolen last night from Parc Ave between 33rd and 34th street in Manhattan. Which is super impressive as it’s a well traveled area and right next to the entrance to the 6 train. It was chained with a kryptonite U-lock (with a the frame and one tire in it), having forgot my cable at my family home over the weekend. Clearly that wasn’t a good idea locking up without it. I come out after work at about 6PM yesterday July 9th and my front tire is gone. I am running late to see an apartment with my family so I hopped into a cab thinking the worst was over. When I came back at around 7-8 o’clock the bike was completely gone, with just the U-lock left – still locked onto the bike stand. It seems that all of the other bikes in the area were at least missing a tire so someone clearly just posted up and went to town.

My bike is an all black Sole bike with two white stripes. It’s new as of 2 months ago. It has a bike seat chain which I guess is one of it’s only defining characteristics. I should have written some numbers or my name somewhere on it, hidden. Attached is a picture.

Here is the link with multiple views of the bike online.

Please let me know if you have any tips!

Thank you so much!!!

-Mackenzie Tuite

email: mackenzietuite

phone: 610.715.4547

or my boyfriends phone (Jake): 914.804.6950


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