Trek 820 WSD, White with black and turquoise detail, from Ridgewood, Queens

This morning it was brought to my attention that my bike had been stolen. A neighbor and I had been storing our bikes inside our apartment building in the front hallway, which leads to the apartment’s basement. Due to lack of railing space, my bike was locked to itself, which is how it was secured for about 3 months. My bike also previous to this incident over the summer had the seat stolen, so it had an ill fitted (too small of stem) bike seat in position losely.
My neighbor tells me he noticed our bikes missing the afternoon of 12/5/14 at 2:30pm, while I was at work and after he’d stepped out to get groceries.
My bike is a women’s Trek bike with two stickers on it, one that says “Ride Brooklyn” and another very faded on the otherside of the fram saying “I heart biking”. It also has black fenders on both tires.
I have attached a photo below. Thank you.
Mairin McKinlay (

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