All black Surly Cross Check from Grand St near Lorimer

My bike was locked with a standard Kryptonite U-lock on Grand street near the intersection of Lorimer, stolen between 11-11:30pm Tuesday night 9/29. The lock was clipped.
2013-11-21 10.15.38
The wheels are locked onto the frame with pinhead bicycle locking skewers and the seat is locked on with extra chain links covered with black bike tube. It looks way more beat up than the photo, taken when it was new. It has been ridden daily for 2 years. Now the stickers are coming off, the tires are really worn and the gears are pretty grimey. Back tire almost bald. The sticker on the top tube that says “Cross Check” is totally scrambled, no longer readable. No water bottle holder or kickstand.
If seen please call Andrea at 920-621-0125.

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