Felt Brougham 3-speed, pale blue frame w/ red metallic parts from Manhattan Ave

My bike (Felt Brougham 3-speed 2011) was stolen from Manhattan Ave between Norman Ave and Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Sunday late afternoon October 11, 2015.

Felt bike
It is a very distinctive bike: pale blue frame with red metallic parts, 3-speed bar-mounted Sturmey-Archer SX3 shifter, with a free wheel. Nearly new condition, but I can tell you every scratch on it.

It was locked to the bike rack outside the “NYC Super Store” (679 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222) . I was gone for about 2 hours (between ~6-8pm). When I returned the combination cable lock had been cut and my bike and attached helmet and rear light were gone. I searched the surrounding streets to no avail.



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