Trek 7100 multitrack blue and silver from 550 Grand Street, Williamsburg

This trek bike had a wide black seat, a bell on the lefthand side, and some black rubber wrapped around the downtube that was peeling off. The back front wheel was a quick release, the back wheel was not. The bike was taken along with a red helmet and a wire lock around the frame and both wheels. It was stolen from the hallway of the apartment building at 550 grand street, on the first floor right in front of apt 1. My friend had a small gathering of people over and the bike was taken sometime between 12 and 1am last night (Oct 11th — or I guess technically Oct 12th) when I stepped out for a bite to eat.
I prefer email:
Thank you!

I don’t have a picture of my bike unfortunately, but have attached a picture of of the model and patterns on the frame that look closest to mine (but mine was dark blue and silver)

image (1)


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