Raleigh Sport, green from Fort Greene, Brooklyn

My bike is a dark green womens step-through, vintage Raleigh Sports (from the late 60s or early 70s).
I customized it with the following:
  • Schwalbe Delta Cruiser white tires
  • MKS Lambda pedals
  • Wald basket
  • cork grips
  • Crane brass bell attached to the stem
  • Abus 495 CL Frame Lock (frame through back wheel)
  • I removed the Brooks label from the saddle (this older model had a plastic label)
It had two racks (front and back) and internal gear hubs (3-speed).
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2013-08-17 12.24.19

This bike was stolen after 7pm on Friday, April 8, and it was totally my fault. I had been using an inadequate Abus cable lock ever since my previous lock fell off somewhere while I was riding. I locked the frame to a small fence on Cumberland Street. I had gotten complacent, thinking nobody wants my old granny bike. My neighbor told me that he approached a man who had been leaning over my bike suspiciously the night before. On Saturday morning, my bike was gone and the cable lock had been cut and left in the street.

It’s amazing how sentimental I feel for this bike. I’d had it for so long, spent time and money customizing it, and tried to take care of it. It’s in fantastic shape as it really hasn’t spent much time outside and I’m careful to keep rust at bay.
I realize the chances of recovering this bike are slim. But it’s definitely one-of-a-kind. I’d appreciate any help or suggestions. Photos attached.
Please contact ball.laura@gmail.com with any leads.
Thank you!

2 responses to “Raleigh Sport, green from Fort Greene, Brooklyn

  1. That’s a beautiful bike, if I were a thief I’d be all over it – sorry to hear it was stolen and hope you’ve recovered it or found a happy replacement.

  2. https://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/bik/6156627773.html

    I’ve been searching all over craigslist for my bike that got stolen today. I’m not suggesting that this bike is yours, but I’d give it a look over in case you wanted to buy it again or reach out to the seller. I want to help the community who has had their bikes stolen. I feel so bummed about mine missing.