Contact Us

If your bike has been stolen, email bikewatchNYC(at) with the following info.

SUBJECT LINE: (Bike Model) (Color) from (Location), (Date)

BODY OF EMAIL: Any description or information you have.

ALSO: Please reference how & where you had it locked.

ATTACH: Photo, if you have one

OPTIONAL: If you reported to the NYPD, please provide precinct # and we can retweet at them. If you use Instagram, we can tag you on our post if you provide your @username.

YOUR CONTACT INFO: If anyone sees something, where would you like the info sent? Either email addresses or phone numbers are fine.

We’ll post your alert as soon as we can. (Note: Use personal info at your discretion – all info is posted as is.)

Also, please follow BikeWatch on Facebook and Twitter. The more of us who are watching out, the more powerful the community becomes.

We welcome your input. If you would like to contact us with suggestions or other concerns, please use the “feedback” page.


One response to “Contact Us

  1. There is a make shift bike shop on the corner of flushing and morgan on the weekends. The guy keeps the bikes in the basement. If you are looking for a stolen bike it might be there.

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