2 bikes at once: Bridgestone NJS Track Bike – Light Metallic Navy Blue & BLACK WINDSOR ESSEX SINGLE SPEED – 11th/Ave.C – 5/24 9:00pm



Mike Tran <tranxmike@gmail.com>:

Both my and my wife’s bikes were locked to the low planter gate (see pic), which unfortunately seemed like an OK idea at the time in the dark.

They were each locked with a Krypto U-Lock to that same rail.
Filed a report at the 9th Precinct with Detective Lawrence Wein.
I actually scoured the adjacent blocks right after it happened and saw the thief riding it. I chased them into the Jacob Riis Housing Projects but lost them much to my disappointment. Some plain-clothes officers even backed me up but to no avail.


– silver wald front basket
– brown leather grips on cruiser bars
– brown leather saddle


– Mavic CXP14 rims laced to Schwinn Bendix coaster brake in the rear, Phil Wood low flange in the front.
– Cinelli taped crusier bars in black
– Selle San Marco Regal Saddle in perforated black leather
– Suntour crankset
– Half-link chain

Mercier Kilo TT, Black from 333 Greene Ave, Clinton Hill, May 30th

From Antoine Vidal <antoinevdlb@gmail.com>:

Stolen last night from 333 Green Ave by a man how stormed the lobby and grabbed the bike. The Kilo TT Black single speed with chrome details (Rims, pedals, handlebars). It has Black Magic paint meaning it glitters under light. No inscription or logo on the frame, just a simple “Kilo TT” on the saddle. Cyborg light on the back.


Cube Acid 2013 Blue/Grey from Kew Gardens Hills 5/1/18 2:45 am

From Azriel Wasser <azrielywasser@gmail.com>

This hardtail mountain bike was stolen from the alley behind my school. It should have two bottle cages, one black Giant and one blue Specialized. Photo is stock, but this is a pretty uncommon bike and bike company. Also included is security footage.

Cube Bike


2016 cannondale caadx black/white from grand army plaza 5/11/2018 4:30pm-7pm

2016 Cannondale caadx w mechanical disc brakes stolen on 5/11/18 at grand army plaza bike rack (entrance to prospect park) on west drive and grand army plaza between 430pm-7pm. Looks like Kryponite u-lock cut with angle grinder.

Contact: sdixonlaclmt@gmail.com


Linus Pronto Blue from 23rd St Brooklyn btw 3rd/4th Avs, May 9 5am

My bike was stolen at 5 am on the 9th. The crime was caught on camera. Blue women’s Linus ‘Pronto’ bike. Location stolen was on 23rd street, Brooklyn NY in-between 3rd and 4th avenue. It was locked with a U-Lock, which was also taken with it. My email is samanthaylva@gmail.com
Bike serial number is L7e0201948.


2008 Specialized Sequoia, Silver, Prospect Park entrance at Grand Army Plaza, 6pm 5/6/2018

Was locked on the bike racks at the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park, in broad daylight, on a foot path with regular traffic. I was gone for about an hour and a half.
They used an angle grinder (or something similar) to cut through my kryptonite u-lock (they left the base of it lying there, sawed off, and my key fit).
I had my helmet locked to it, which they also took. I looked around the entrance to see if they might have ditched it, but no luck.
Contact : sofia.rogg@gmail.comIMG_1596image_123923953.JPG

2010 JAMIS Ventura Race Femme Racing Bike, Teal & White, Prospect Heights, 4/12

My teal and white, 2010 JAMIS Ventura Race Femme racing bike was locked up to the bike racks at the Brooklyn Public Library (Eastern Parkway side) in Prospect Heights on Thurs, 4/12. (Size might be 44cm, but not sure.) Theft occurred between 3:25 PM – 5:45 PM. My white LAS Victory helmet was also taken along with my U-lock, an ABUS granite plus 640 mini. Any info appreciated. Please contact me at marmar.binksy@gmail.com