Raleigh Sport, green from Fort Greene, Brooklyn

My bike is a dark green womens step-through, vintage Raleigh Sports (from the late 60s or early 70s).
I customized it with the following:
  • Schwalbe Delta Cruiser white tires
  • MKS Lambda pedals
  • Wald basket
  • cork grips
  • Crane brass bell attached to the stem
  • Abus 495 CL Frame Lock (frame through back wheel)
  • I removed the Brooks label from the saddle (this older model had a plastic label)
It had two racks (front and back) and internal gear hubs (3-speed).
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2013-08-17 12.24.19

This bike was stolen after 7pm on Friday, April 8, and it was totally my fault. I had been using an inadequate Abus cable lock ever since my previous lock fell off somewhere while I was riding. I locked the frame to a small fence on Cumberland Street. I had gotten complacent, thinking nobody wants my old granny bike. My neighbor told me that he approached a man who had been leaning over my bike suspiciously the night before. On Saturday morning, my bike was gone and the cable lock had been cut and left in the street.

It’s amazing how sentimental I feel for this bike. I’d had it for so long, spent time and money customizing it, and tried to take care of it. It’s in fantastic shape as it really hasn’t spent much time outside and I’m careful to keep rust at bay.
I realize the chances of recovering this bike are slim. But it’s definitely one-of-a-kind. I’d appreciate any help or suggestions. Photos attached.
Please contact ball.laura@gmail.com with any leads.
Thank you!

turquoise Trek beach cruiser stolen overnight 4/4-4/5 in crown heights

This steel Trek cruiser was double-locked in front of my apartment building on Eastern Parkway.

image1 (1).JPG

The basket was not on it when it was stolen; seat is brown leather.

Please contact cullkatherine@gmail.com with any info.

CAAD 10s from Chelsea office, 3/27/16

I had two bikes stolen from their chained and “secure” bike storage location at my office in Chelsea on March 27.  Both are two-years old Cannonade CADD 10s.  The black bike (similar paint job to my SuperSix shown) has a 54CM frame.



The while bike (shown) has a 44CM frame (which should be pretty unusual given its size).  Also enclosed is a picture of the thieves from the CCTV camera installed in the storage area.

Please contact dansavage@gmail.com with any info.

Vintage Schwinn Cruiser, Red; from Carroll Gardens 4.06.2016

Bike was well worn but sentimental. Vintage Schwinn cruiser was locked with U-Lock on President Street between Court and Clinton. Theft occurred sometime between the evening of the 5th and morning of the 6th.
Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 8.18.11 PM.png
Any info would be much appreciated!

Gary Fisher Alfresco hybrid – Dark Green (mint condition) – 04/02/16 btw 9:45 & 11:00 pm (32nd st & Broadway, Astoria)

The theft of my $1200 Gary Fisher Alfresco hybrid mens dark green bike occurred on 04/02/16 (last night) between 9:45 pm to 11:00 pm  in front of Capitol One Bank at in Astoria at 32nd st & Broadway address 3117 31st st & Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106 (on the north side of the street side walk).  The bike was cabled and locked to (1) of (2) bike posts in view of Capitol One Bank ATM surveillance camera aimed towards location.  At the time of the theft there was an ample amount of foot traffic in the area.  The bike was secured by a 3ft Kryptonite 7 3/8″ x 3′ cable (the cable was most likely cut) and American Lock 2-1/2 inch. The theft was reported and is being investigated.

unnamed (1).jpg

The stolen $1200 Gary Fisher Alfresco hybrid mens dark green (mint condition matching manufacture spec), its a commuter bike and I use it daily but was stored for a decade prior.  The only changes to the Gary Fisher Alfresco hybrid mens dark green manufacturers spec on parts (pictured & listed) was the recent swap of the following (and pictured)

⁃ Manufacturers seat replaced with a cloud 9 6 1/2″ wide x 11″ long via a bike chain encased in a rubber tube is attached to the bike frame (as pictured).

⁃ Manufacturers tires replaced with Specialized Armadillo Crossroad front tire (mounted in reverse) and Specialized Armadillo Borough rear tire.

⁃ Manufacturers pedals replaced with 9/16 MKS pedals (japenese bearings) and large black plastic toe clip set (the straps are used).

⁃ Manufacturers grips replaced with Antiskid Bicycle Bike Grips Inner Dia 2.1cm 13cm Ergonomic Rubber Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Handlebar Grips SM001

If you have any information regarding the theft please contact me ASAP. If you have my Gary Fisher Alfresco hybrid mens dark green bike this is your chance to return it.

If you have any information regarding the theft please contact me ASAP (including seeing it for sale on craigslist NYC boroughs or Ebay NYC boroughs please send hyperlinks in email or phone text). If you have my Gary Fisher Alfresco hybrid mens dark green bike this is my daily commuter please return it to me.

I also posted these (2) hyperlinks on craigslist (that have additional pictures (I only have my bike in shots with others or sections of it in pictures as per I wasn’t anticipating it being stolen to need one).

my email contact: whittakerc@hotmail.com

Matte Black State Bicycle Co. Black Label from Bushwick, 3/26/2016

​​Matte black State Black Label with purple pedals and purple Oury grips, Backcountry sticker on head tube, Chrome sticker on seat tube. Stolen from the stairway inside my building. Lots of sentimental value as this bike was the first build I did myself (a year ago). Had just had two great days of riding in perfect weather, was so happy to get back to it on the regular.

If you have any info please get in touch at calvly@gmail.com

Stolen Giant Trance X2 2008 Model Black Frame, Red Pedals/Grips. Staten Island, NY 3/24/2016

Bike is a custom Giant Trance 2008 model with red GIANT pedals and red RACEFACE grips. There is a dent to the frame on the bottom tube just in front of the bottom bracket. Michelin tires 26×2.35 reinforced. Red Fox heritage decals on both fork and rear shock. Original Fox float decal on fork crown


Bike was chained to a fence and guard outside of Stop and Shop supermarket (2754 Hylan Boulevard in broad daylight (340PM-345PM).

Please contact deadeonzx@gmail.com with any info.