About Bike Watch NYC

Bike Watch NYC is a web-based system for putting out an alert on stolen bikes.

How to post:

All posts are free and alerts are also posted to Twitter and Facebook.

If you’ve lost a bike, email bikewatchNYC(at)gmail.com with the following format:

SUBJECT: (Bike Model) (Color) from (Location) (Date)
– Any description or information.
– Your contact information.

ALSO: Please reference how & where you had it locked.

ATTACHMENTS: A photo if you have one.

OPTIONAL: If you reported to the NYPD, please provide precinct # and we can retweet at them. If you use Instagram, we can tag you on our post if you provide your @username.

We’ll post your alert as soon as we can. (Note: Use personal info at your discretion – all info is posted as is.)

Note: Abuse of this site and email tools will result in horrific karma, possible lightning strikes and general malaise. Don’t abuse it. We will hunt you down and find you. Even if you are in China.

About Bike Watch NYC
Bike Watch is hosted by Bicycle Habitat and loosely affiliated with the greater #bikenyc tech community.

The site was created in 2009 by Courtney and Lara, two staffers at Bicycle Habitat. It is a work in progress, evolving and of course prone to a few glitches.

If you are interested in helping host or improve this site, we welcome your feedback and participation.

There’s power in numbers. Sorry about your bike — and we hope we can help.

Lara and Courtney
Bicycle Habitat

Where to find Bike Watch NYC online:

Website: http://bikewatchNYC.wordpress.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/bikewatchNYC
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com – bikewatchNYC (in progress)


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