(Specialized Globe Roll 1) (Blue Grey) from (PATH Newport Station NJ) (February 06, 2019)

Our Specialized Globe Roll 1 bike with grey body, white tires, blue rims, and white handle bars with grey grips was stolen from the bike racks at the PATH train Newport station while commuting between NYC and Jersey City between 11am and 4pm on Wednesday, February 06, 2019. Both locks (Onguard and Schwinn) were also taken. It is in good to excellent condition (as seen in attached photo of the bike). It was originally purchased from Bicycle Habitat on Lafayette in NYC in 2010. 

This was reported to the PATH (Port Authority) PD (201-216-6078).

Anyone with info please contact us at (email) globeroll1@outlook.com, (Instagram) @akscientist, (Twitter) @AartiKuverPhD.

Thank you and all the best to fellow bikers/cyclists!



Pegasus Verona 1/19 One Penn Plaza

Pegasus Verona bike was stolen on January 19th between 6am-3pm at One Penn Plaza at 33th Street between 7 and 8 Ave. 

Yuliia Kalynchuk

646 421 9296

Retro looking bike from (105 East Broadway) (Jan 15 2019)

My bike was stolen today, it was a chain of construction post, it is like a retro bike, I attached a picture of it
Borna Libertines
917 280 3000

Masi 2014 Uno Rider/Red/from Diamond St in Greenpoint on 1.13.19

My bike was locked to a handrail inside the lobby of my building with a Kryptonite U-lock. The handrail was removed from the wall, so the lock was still on the frame when stolen. The bike was stolen early Sunday morning (1.13.19) between midnight and 10 am. I had removed the stickers from the wheel rims so that they are solid black and there was black electrical tape on parts of the frame. The theft was reported to the NYPD 94th precinct. Awaiting video footage from the building lobby.

Brooklyn Bike Bedford Frame from Greenpoint 1/5

Two bikes were sitting in my hallway as of last night someone seems to have snatched them late while we were sleeping. My bike is a white Brooklyn Beford with some stratches on the side. It was Silk Road Cycles sticker as I purchased it there under a year ago. This is my favorite possession, my only form of transportation as the subway gives me panic attacks, and was a big purchase for me. 
Moran Smithwick


Brooklyn Bike Bedford Frame from Greenpoint 1/5
Brooklyn Bike Bedford Frame from Greenpoint 1/5

Cannondale Caad10 / White / from 116 St Marks Place (8th & Ave A) on 12/4/18

My lock was cut and bike stolen on the night of Tuesday December 4th sometime between 8:15-11pm. It’s a Cannondale Caad10 Women’s 5 105 circa 2013-ish, white with a little bit of green trim. The thief cut the cable and left the front wheel and remaining cable pieces locked to the bike rack. Reported to NYPD 9th precinct (but I live in the 77th precinct, so they’re handling the case). There were three security cameras covering that area of the street, so I’m hoping to add video footage of the theft soon. 

Felt Bruhaul Grey from Williamsburg 11/27

Electric cargo bike with cargo bars and was stolen from our building at North 7th and Kent Avenue in Williamsburg early morning 11/27. Theft was on film. Reported to police, Precinct 94. NYPD hasn’t been helpful which is disappointing, especially since this is grand larceny ($5,000 bike) and was on video tape, including the car the thief drove up in. Bike was locked to scaffolding which was dismantled for the theft.  

Photo of bike and of theft below. 

Iyah Romm