Brooklyn Bike Bedford Frame from Greenpoint 1/5

Two bikes were sitting in my hallway as of last night someone seems to have snatched them late while we were sleeping. My bike is a white Brooklyn Beford with some stratches on the side. It was Silk Road Cycles sticker as I purchased it there under a year ago. This is my favorite possession, my only form of transportation as the subway gives me panic attacks, and was a big purchase for me. 
Moran Smithwick


Brooklyn Bike Bedford Frame from Greenpoint 1/5
Brooklyn Bike Bedford Frame from Greenpoint 1/5

Cannondale Caad10 / White / from 116 St Marks Place (8th & Ave A) on 12/4/18

My lock was cut and bike stolen on the night of Tuesday December 4th sometime between 8:15-11pm. It’s a Cannondale Caad10 Women’s 5 105 circa 2013-ish, white with a little bit of green trim. The thief cut the cable and left the front wheel and remaining cable pieces locked to the bike rack. Reported to NYPD 9th precinct (but I live in the 77th precinct, so they’re handling the case). There were three security cameras covering that area of the street, so I’m hoping to add video footage of the theft soon. 

Felt Bruhaul Grey from Williamsburg 11/27

Electric cargo bike with cargo bars and was stolen from our building at North 7th and Kent Avenue in Williamsburg early morning 11/27. Theft was on film. Reported to police, Precinct 94. NYPD hasn’t been helpful which is disappointing, especially since this is grand larceny ($5,000 bike) and was on video tape, including the car the thief drove up in. Bike was locked to scaffolding which was dismantled for the theft.  

Photo of bike and of theft below. 

Iyah Romm 


Pure Fix / Black and Gold / 3rd and Hoyt St Brooklyn / 11.29

Hi, my bike was stolen in front of Bond Gowanus (68 3rd St) . Locked to bike rack in front of building with U-lock. The lock was left.
– Reported to NYPD Precinct #76- Gold bell on handlebars- Sticker on frame from “Landry’s Bicycles” 
I actually found the guy trying to sell the bike on Craigslist. I reached out, set up a meet and he never showed – likely was spooked by the police flashing their lights…
The Craigslist post has since been deleted – attached are screenshots.
Thanks in advance,Lauren

Pure Fix / Black and Gold / 3rd and Hoyt St Brooklyn / 11.29

Specialized Sirrus Elite Brushed from 162 5th ave (5th ave & 21st st),11/09/2018

Bike was locked to the scaffolding in front of 162 5th Ave using a Kryptonite U lock. Thief unscrewed a piece of scaffolding and removed the bike. 
I’m attaching a stock photo of the bike and also photo of the thief taken by a CCTV camera of the nearby building. The bike had a few scratches and has a seat cover which is not shown in the stock image.
Description of the thief: A Hispanic man with black bubble jacket and blue jeans wearing a bluish white helmet. 
Reported to NYPD: 013 Precinct.Contact Info: 929-385-5788(cellphone) &

Cannondale Evo Six, Black, Midtown-Manhattan, 12/Nov/2018

Please help Stolen:
Black Cannondale Evo Six with White American Classic Wheelset . The picture has white stem but I have changed it to black already.
Thank you.
Joel V. Caburnay

Virtue Classic-7F, Black w/ Brown Leather from Bed-stuy Brooklyn, 11/8/2018

My bike has:
Glossy black frame, cream tires, brown leatherette stitched grips/handle and brown leatherette saddle.
It has a red bell with “I ♥️MY BIKE” written on it. (In case the theif doesn’t get rid of it.)
-Reported to NYPD Precinct #79
-Reported to building management where it was parked and locked, awaiting for video footage to add to details. (There’s a camera pointing right where it was locked.)
11/20/2018 update: See our Facebook Page post comment for video of the theft:
Virtue Classic-7F, Black w/ Brown Leather from Bed-stuy Brooklyn, 11/8/2018Virtue Classic-7F, Black w/ Brown Leather from Bed-stuy Brooklyn, 11/8/2018Virtue Classic-7F, Black w/ Brown Leather from Bed-stuy Brooklyn, 11/8/2018